‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Greek Myths: The Birth of the Olympians

by Steven Dean

Narrative First Retold By Eric Rymer.

The Orininal Story as told by Eric Rymer

The Orininal Story as told by Daphne Elliott

I was relieved that it was finally done. No more fear of the one who had sired me. My mother could at last be free of her pain. I finished the job I had started.

“Mother, it is done.”

“Yes, it is, my brave son, Cronus,” Gaia said calmly. So it was that when my siblings the Titans saw what I had done they made me their leader in the new age. First, I took Rhea to be my wife. Then I set about taking mastery of the others as my mother fell into a deep sleep. In little time I took total control and was able to return to my wife.

I felt a cold fear grip me. “What did you say?!” “I told you already what I have Seen. Whether you ask me what I said or not will not change it. I Saw that one of your children will topple you and take your place as king of the gods.” I went home to my dear wife with a cold dread and an iron determination about the prophesy. “My dear, welcome home! I have some wonderful news,” Rhea was in a joyful mood. “Oh, and what would this news be, love?” I forced my own fears away as I asked with a bemused smile. “I’m pregnant!”

When Rhea’s child was born I ate the infant. As I did with the next five we conceived I knew it pained my Rhea but I could not allow my own children to dethrone me. I heard of a wolf raising her pack on an island, it was odd but did not concern me.

It was war; his youngest child had tricked him into regurgitating his fully grown children. This would be a bloody, short war with the advantage to his attacker. I would have to fight harder than normal to win this fight.


I felt pain as my youngest child cut into me. So I lost the war. I felt Ichor drench my left side as the boy, Zeus I think his name was, bring my own scythe around to end my existence.


Interpretation by Steven Dean

Dear Reader, I would have loved to do the myth interpretation of this Wiki page properly, but I have found that to be impossible. This is do to the fact that no matter where I have searched there is literally no professional interpretation of the Greek creation myth. I have searched Google, Yahoo, Gale Net, MEL, and every other search engine I could find. I could give to you my own interpretation of the myth, but without a professional’s views to compare to my own recording my views would be utterly pointless. If anyone can find a professional interpretation of this myth I would beg of them please post a link to that page on this site. Your Apologetic Writer,Steven Dean, Username: Sephiroth1130


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