Babylonian Myths--The Epic of Gilgamesh

Babylonian Myth: Epic of GilgameshBy Andrew Blackwellgilgamesh_gilgameshseal.jpgNarrative first retold by:
This myth starts with a king named Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh goes on his important adventure to help save Enkidu in which he runs into Humbaba in the forest. Gilgamesh and Enkidu have to “fend off” Humbaba and the gods end up putting Enkidu to his death because of what he did.Gilgamesh later tells the gods that he loved Enkidu and the legend in the darkness of his heard has opposed him. He tells the gods that his life is now nothing and that he shalt not be apart of Enkidu. Shortly after this occurs, the gods allow Gilgamesh to pass through the mountains to continue on his adventure. The gardens, which is made up of all of the gods, was one of the places that Gilgamesh visited. There were thorns and thistles amongst fruit from the vine, when he came across Shamash, who said; “You will never find the life for which you are searching.” (The Ancient Middle East 143). Gilgamesh was told not to hurry and was later told he would not find what he was looking for. He Is looking for the secret to living in eternal life.

Interpretation By Andrew BlackwellWithin Epic of Gilgamesh many battles were won, heroes were created, and gods did what was known as best. Gilgamesh is known as a powerful king who defeated the Bull of Heaven. This myth is about the king who has a major change. His major change happens when he is given a companion named Enkidu. Gilgamesh is forced by the gods to allow Enkidu on his quests.One of Gilgamesh’s quests was destroying Humbaba in the sacred forest, This is guarded by the Bull of Heaven. During this quest they destroyed the Bull of Heaven, and this leads to the gods giving Enkidu a terrible illness. Gilgamesh suddenly learns what the true meaning of an immortal ruler really is, but what he finds out is some Battles are won and some were lost. Most importantly, He learns that the gods are always to be obeyed first. Most of these changes act as a major part of Gilgamesh and his story. At the beginning of this story Gilgamesh was all for caring for himself, and he supported fighting. Towards the end Gilgamesh learns that it is not just about yourself or fighting, he learns that it is about helping and protecting others. Gilgamesh has now learned out how to become a hero leaving himself with nothing. external image Humbaba.gif