Mayan Myths: 2012

By Brandon Hoban and Jake Hunholz

Narration retold by: Discovery channel's "2012 Apocalypse"

The 2012 theory is a popular subject matter in both the scientific world, and the religious world. The idea of planet Earth being devastated by natural disasters was unthinkable for most, until the science began to catch up with the religious beliefs. However, many people are still skeptical about the events of 2012, as there is still no concrete evidence that the disasters spoken of will occur other than religious scriptures. The scientific world has been booming with all types of explanations on how the world could come to an end. There are many popular theories, which hold an extended amount of scientific evidence that does support the scenario. There are also scenarios in which people have insufficient scientific data to prove the theory, which is why many people do not believe in the said apocalypse of 2012.
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All of the scenarios that are said to take place are in some way unrealistic, but there are scenarios that have a significant chance of occurring, for they have happened in the past as proven by scientific research. A situation that is somewhat believable is the earth’s magnetic fields flipping and causing the Earth’s atmosphere and surface to slip out of conjunction. The other scenario that people tend to believe is the theory of a comet coming from outer space will hit the Earth’s surface and set in motion several different natural disasters that will lead to the destruction of the planet. There is small populations in the world that believe there is an extraterrestrial force that will disrupt life on Earth, but most people consider these believers to be crazy or in the very least out of touch with the scientific community.
The Mayans had extensive ability with mathematics and the ability to tell time. For this reason, researchers and specialists may never know why the fabled Mayan calendarcame to an abrupt halt on December 21, 2012. This is a phenomenon that may be too complicated for modern day science to discover, or even for scientists in the future to uncover. From the general society’s perspective, this date is just another space on their 2012 calendar. But from a religious standpoint, this is the meaning of the end of the way of life for the twenty-first century.Though there may never be a concrete expiration date for our planet, society will go on living and advancing until such a date or event unveils itself. There will always be minorities of believers within the society we live in, and perhaps those believers have had a right to their argument all throughout the duration of their opposition. But until further scientific evidence proves otherwise or actual events occur, much of the world’s population is unaffected by this horrific, and awesome said chain of events.
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Interpreted by: Jake Hunholz and Brandon Hoban

The Mayan calendar of 2012 defines the end of the world that has been considered prophecy for thousands of years. When scientific evidence revealed that the events said to happen began to gain probability in occurrence, the result depicted was massive skepticism and anxiety about the belief of the end of the Mayan calendar. The value of time showcases the Mayan calendar because while scientists know that said natural disasters will occur, they cannot specify in what time frame these events will occur. While the Mayan calendar defines the grip of the apocalypse on reality, it is only the religious beliefs that can prove the end of the world occurring in 2012.
There are many theories behind the said end of the world in 2012. The first thought that the world had an expiration date originated through the theory that the North and South Poles will begin shift, changing the world’s magnetic polarization. This occurrence is happening over a period of 1,500 years, and it is predicted to occur abruptly in a time span of only a few days or less. This event has proven to be extremely dangerous to every living thing on Earth, and if it indeed ends up happening it will ultimately create catastrophe in the world we live in. The exceptional factor of this abrupt change is that it will disturb life and ecosystems globally across the entire planet. Natural disasters such as tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions will bring a drastic change in temperature and cause trillions of dollars in damage, which will change the factors of life on Earth. Depicted in films such as 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow, these extreme changes in the planet’s atmosphere and surface will result in casualties beyond recognition.

Another theory behind the 2012 doomsday plot is a comet coming from over 300 million miles away and defeating Earth. The destructive comet has been named Comet Elenin. The comet has already been spotted and it is said
Comet Elenin

to be heading on a crash course directly for Earth. If this event does take place, and NASA or other space programs are not capable of stopping it, the impending destruction will be incomprehensible. The comet has by now said to have been the reasoning behind the ice melting on Mars because of the increase in heat astronomically, and causing the frequent storms that have been observed on Saturn(Villard, 6). If Comet Elenin does indeed hit earth, the magnetic fields will reverse and cause absolute and catastrophic damage around the world. If the comet misses earth, the world would be significantly better off, but not without being harmed first. Even if the comet passes Earth at 1.4 million miles away, an earthquake can still easily be stirred within the Earth’s crust due to the increase in gravitational pull. In 1770, a comet passed the earth at this exact distance and caused an earthquake in North America, of which was said to have a magnitude of nine on the ten level riktor scale.
A less-spoken of belief that began the understanding of the phenomenon is the planetary alignment
Planetary alignment of our solar system
theory. This theory states that all the planets will align in such a way that the positions of the planets will create such immense increases in gravity that the Earth will be literally dragged into a dark hole in the center of the Milky Way (Dale, 4-5). While the Winter Solstice happens yearly in December, the year of 2012 is supposed to make the world and its habitants lost in existence for all eternity within this dark hole. The solar disruptions within the solar system that Earth is part of will create an environment on Earth of which the life on the planet will not be able to survive in, ultimately destroying the ability to sustain life cells on the planet.The reason that each of these theories of 2012 are only said to happen, is because there is absolute zero scientific evidence that supports the timely factor of these events occurring in 2012. However, there is chances and in some cases evidence that these events will occur at one point in the future. This is the reasoning behind science constantly searching for ways to prove the exact time scale upon which these events will occur. This task is easier said than done, and no technological assistance we use today can measure and lay out a specific chain of events or the speed at which these events are coming towards Earth in the future. The only thing that can be certain is that Earth will not continue to be as safe as it is today. When the events that are prophesied within religious scriptures and foretold through scientific evidence do occur, it will be said as a certainty that Earth will lose great amounts of life and even the ability to support life altogether