Greek Myths: Hades and Persephone

By Julie Bellingham and Paul Kuenzel

Narratives Retold By Meg Davis and "The Bell"

Hades and Persephone- tralier

Davis Original Version

"The Bell" Original Version

Hades, King of the Underworld

Hades feeding Persephone

yes oh.Welcome to the 21st century where people are tried for their crimes amongst a court room filled of witnesses and liars. It is difficult to get the entire truth out of a mortal because the mind can play tricks on them. It can appear to change the whole entire viewpoint of the jury. This case in particular can be viewed in two different ways. One man is accused of abducting a young, attractive, rich woman for his own purposes, while others say that she was being provocative and accepting of his wishes. Which side will you choose? Innocently, Hades claims that he was walking in a park minding his own business when he was struck with love. He has seen the most beautiful girl to ever walk the earth. He felt very shocked that once Persephone say him in a tree, she was curious; not afraid. Hades was surprised that she started conversation with him. She asked him “Who are you, sir. And what may I do for you?” Still shocked, Hades was concerned that she never heard of the King of the Underworld. He was
Persephone, goddess of spring and the Queen of the Underworld
humble and courteous to bow and properly address her in such a manner that you would not expect from the King of the Underworld. He said to her “Milady, my name is Hades and I am Lord of the Underworld” After that, Persephone seemed overly polite to such a stranger. She introduced herself as Persephone, daughter of Demeter. She has been warned before about the King of the Underworld, but for some reason she still had the audacity to disobey her parents and family friends to communicate with such a stranger. Hades was very interested in the woman that stood before him. He warned her that mothers should always be trusted. Persephone disagreed, saying “I don’t know….Sometimes mothers can be quite dreadful!” He asked for her trust, she denied him, but in a provoking manner. Like never before, Hades had a smile on his face. He said to her “Then if I wanted to abduct you, take you back to my home, and make you my queen… Would that surprise you?” He claims that Persephone asked him why he would want to abduct her. Hades admittedly kissed her, and said “Because I love you, Persephone, I love you dearly!” Oddly enough, Persephone smiled and said “Then I consent to being abducted.” Feeling provoked, Hades commented “I don’t think I can abduct you with your consent.” Hades pleads that Persephone ran off screaming, but she turned around and mouthed “catch me” to him. He ran after her, and eventually caught her, and threw her over the shoulder, taking her back to the Underworld.

On the other hand, Persephone claims that one day in the park, she was minding her own business when Hades arrived in his chariot. Immediately he grabbed her into his arms, she screamed loudly “Let me down, Please!” He then replied “Sorry, but that will not do, you are far too lovely for the world above you.” Then, Hades took her to the underworld to be his queen. Persephone then cried saying “Take me back to my mother immediately!” She also said “Please don’t hurt me, please.” She claims that Hades replied to her “I didn’t have the slightest plan of it.” Then, she sat back in her chair, and went to sleep. Oddly enough, she woke up in a bed concerned about what Hades might have done to her. She screamed “What did you do with me last night?” Hades said “Nothing; I did not touch you. I wouldn’t do that to you, not until you wanted to. I wouldn’t mind though….” Hades left the room for a while. Several hours after he left, Hades came back into the room. He said “Well,
Persephone eating the pomegranate seeds
hello there, love.” She attempted to leave the room, but Hades stopped her. He did not want her to be wandering around and possibly escaping. According to Hades, he has been watching Persephone for a long time. He said “I’ve watched you develop from an awkward child to a developed, curvatious, beautiful, wondrous woman.” Then he grabbed her aggressively saying that he was doing what she has always wanted, which is him. Also he said “I’m also giving myself a little present too.” Then, Hades started tearing the front of her night gown, and started to kiss her neck. He then started to seduce her even though he saw a tear roll down her face.

So what do you think is true? Guilty, or innocent? Is it believable that the King of the Underworld could be innocent and was simply misjudged? The jury will soon vote on an answer. After many hours of debate, the judge asked “Has the jury reached a verdict?” Six of the twelve replied that Hades is innocent, while the other six pleaded guilty. The judge now has a tough decision to make. “What shouldpunishment be?” he said quietly. “I have made my decision!” Since the vote was evenly matched, “I have decided that we shall punish both of you. Persephone will be forced to eat six pomegranates; which will separate the time you will have with Hades. For six months you will be with Hades, while the other six months will be spent with your mother, Demeter. The court is adjured."
Whichever way you view it, one person is in the wrong. Whichever side you choose, is your own opinion. Whatever the jurisdiction turns oi lonever know the full truth behind Hades and Persephone’s love, the fact of the matter is that they were in love. Whether it was by force, or will, their love could never be broken.
Quotations in paragraph One from: The Story of Hades and Persephone
Quotations in paragraph Two from: I Am Persephone.

Persephone's Flight

Narrative by: Julie Bellingham and Paul Kuenzel

Interpretation By Julie Bellingham and Paul Kuenzel

Hades Symbol

Persephone is within this triple goddes symbol

Undoubtedly, Hades and Persephone fell in love, but the story explains the reason and causes of their love to open a door to a room of over saturated grey misunderstanding. Persephone is the goddess of everything which grows, and the Hades is the ruler of the underworld. They both bring about a
Hades falling in love with Pesephone
contradiction of the possibility of good in the most definite evil emerges. The goddess of love leaving earth soil causes depression of growth; similar to a body without a heart, or mind, or soul. The ground is empty lacking the normal constant occupation of growth. Persephone’s presence on earth causes the land is plentiful, but when Persephone is occupying the underworld, the earth is dead and empty and cold. Persephone ’s occupation in either the underworld or earth coordinates directly with the seasons, and their everlasting love causes the changes in the seasons. Even though there are two distinct outlooks on the myth, but the symbolism, which are the development of the seasons and the power of love, is always agreed.

Prior to being returned to earth where Persephone belongs, she eats six pomegranate seeds. These seeds were either forced or willing in order to have her content love. Consuming food in the underworld causes the forever and a day bind to the underworld. Willing to give up six months of the year for her determined love with Hades, she knew that it would be impossible to be completely ejected from the underworld forever, even with her father being Zeus. Contradicting this is the belief that Persephone was forced to eat by Hades. "He ripped the front of the nightgown off and began kissing my neck forfully” (Bell par. 38) He may have forced Persephone to eat because of personal bursting selfish love, suggesting that Hades is completely care free of Persephone’s wishes and desires. Possibly, Hades forced food into Persephone because of asked
Persephone trying to get away from Hades
and received permission to marry from her father, Zeus. Food consumption into Persephone would only be innocent insurance to their marriage. She now makes intervals of returns to the underworld. Late spring throughout early fall, Persephone is serving her six months away from Hades here on earth, and in turn, throughout late fall into early spring makes her return into the underworld with Hades.

The six pomegranate seeds consumed before leaving the underworld represent something greater then just food. Persephone was scared now. Persephone also did not want to upset her parents or her friend; she made a quick decision to make both sides equally happy. “She didn't want to leave Hades, but Hermes was her friend and she didn't want him in trouble either. Thinking quickly, she saw six pomegranates on the tree before her. She tore them from the branch and started to eat them. They tasted like nothing she had ever eaten before. When she finished the last one, she came out of her hiding place.” (Davis par. 41) Some say that she willingly did eat them while others say Hades fed them to her. Persephone ate six pomegranate seeds representing six months of the year. Pomegranates represent fertility, life, and longevity. As well, pomegranates can cause sexual drive. If Hades did indeed force Persephone to eat the seeds, it was because she was unwilling to act sexually with him. Persephone eating the pomegranate seeds is interesting because it binds her not only to the underworld, but also Hades himself.

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