Apocalyptic Myths: Revelation

By Adam Dell

Narrative First Retold By New Living Translation Bible

Original Version

The wrath

The book of Revelation has many names, or is referred to by many. “The book of apocalypses”, “the book of the end times”, “the book of prophecy” and none other than, “the end.”

Revelation is the last chapter of the Bible, it is the foretelling of events that will happen, it is a book FULL of metaphors and hidden meanings, numbers, codes, and strong poetry. Some people read this book too carefully and do not realize that Revelation was written many years ago and the choices of things to compare beings too, were limited.

For example, a helicopter could be compared to a giant flying locust that spits fire and burns the earth, the giant monster in the sea with seven heads and ten horns could be some kind of machinery rising up, it could be something extraterrestrial. Nobody knows. What we do know is some of the things revelation speaks of have already happened.
A depiction of revelations "sea monster"

One of the seven bowls that is poured out upon the earth, prior to Christ's return, causes everyone on the earth to have horrible malignant diseases, another bowl that is poured out causes the rivers to become poisoned and kill animals in the sea. If you think of it, cancer is running rampant. It is a malignant disease. When you think of it, the oil spill killed a good percentage of sealife.Now of course there arent real bowls being poured down from up above, it is simply one of many metaphors used in Revelation.

Eventually, after all seven bowls have been poured out, God destroys and reforms the earth. Having read the entire bible, I cannot describe how deep this book is. It is deeper than First Corinthians, or “The chapter of love" as it is called.

If you really want to see the meaning of the book, you have to stop and think about what your reading. If you don’t you will overlook something. Revelations contents are that of a super science fiction film. It tops war of the worlds, it tops independence day, it tops the day the earth stood still, it tops aliens, it tops men in black, and it tops Armageddon. I would encourage someone with a good imagination and understanding of what Christianity is to read this book. If there is any book of the bible that fit’s the category of Apocalyptic events, it is Revelation.

Apocalyptic Myths (Revelation)

The book of Revelation is a book of the Christian bible that tells of the worlds end, and events leading up too it. There are many different translations available, however the most preferred is “King James” version. It is easier for a modern reader to understand this book if they read a newer, updated version. It is a book that is complex and takes not just simple thinking, it must be pondered in the mind and processed over and over to understand what some of the vivid metaphors mean.

What captivates me is the fact that we have been given an entire book of the bible as a warning of what our world will come too. Every event that has happened and is happening today is talked about in revelation, it is just hidden in text and has to be “decoded”. this is a process that goes along with the deep thought. Some things as graphic as “The Beast Out Of The Sea” will cause ones mind to wonder what else this book contains.
The two beasts
“Then I saw a beast rising up from the sea, it had seven heads and ten horns with ten crowns on its horns” Now you can either stop and picture this (exactly as described) in your mind, or you can think of a science fiction creature such as the one from Independence Day, you could imagine some kind of machine as in War Of The Worlds, you could think of a demon of some sorts or it could be extraterrestrial. The beauty of this book is using our own imaginations to draw up our own vivid pictures that Revelation creates. "The beast" enforces "The mark of the beast" (which is 666)
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