American Indian Myths: Creeks

By Kyle Adkins and Leo Susick

Narrative First Retold By C. Daryll Forde

The Creek Indians believe that they were born out of the earth itself. They came up from the earth like ants do an anthill. They believed that everything that happened was controlled by a higher power. The Creek lived mostly in the western areas of the current US. They believe that long ago they were blind from the fog, and wandered aimlessly. This caused them to spread apart and form into smaller groups. The higher gods then showed mercy and lifted the fog that allowed them to be able to see. They became thankful and each group swore into brotherhood within, causing the groups to become separate clans. Each group picked names for their clan and they lived within each other. When they marry the men must marry outside of their own clan, and the man moves into his wife’s group. Therefore the man is no longer part of his old clan. They must raise a family, and the kids start off in the clan they are born into. They live by a simple principle to never betray anyone in the clan or tribe.

Original Myth "How the Clans Came to be"
Creeak Council

Interpretation By Kyle Adkins and Leo Susick

The myth “How the Clans Came to be” explores the idea how the different creek tribes came to be. When the wind blows, they are split apart from each other. Even though they are in different clans they are still a part of the tribe as a whole. They become closer from this, and even though they are in different clans, but they are still the same tribe. The essence of the myth creates a strong respect for one another. This myth showcases all their beliefs within the tribe and also within each clan, beliefs such as don’t betray one another and staying loyal to each other.

creek.jpgThe tribe gets split apart from one another because of a giant storm. This was a very dramatic thing for everyone as they have not been apart like this before. They eventually created their own clans, but they still considered themselves part of the same tribe. This was important because they had to look over not only thier clan but the tribe as a whole, and never forget that there was more

people outside of just thier clan.

“The organization of the clan was based on kinship. The unit of the organization of the tribe was the clan, since each tribe was composed of a group of clans. The town was usually constituted of a number of segments of clans, each segment retaining its blood kinship rights and duties. Each household or fireside, of course, consisted of members of two different clans”. ("Creek Clans" pa.2)

This Creek myth showcases the beliefs of their tribe. Beliefs such as don’t betray one another. Also it states that you should be loyal not only to the clan that you belong to but also to your whole tribe. This myth was essential to this tribe because it reminds them of why they were split apart, and why they have different clans with the tribe. Also the remind them that if they do not follow these simple principles then they tribe will die.